Live Team Trivia in MD, PA and DE

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1.) Season 38 will be a SEVEN week tournament starting July 14.

2.) Season 38 will have TWO Championship games simultaneously!

3.) House Champions for each location earn the AUTOPASS to the Season 38 Championship Game!

4.) Season 38 will feature BEER/APPETIZER ROUNDS at participating locations! Your team will have a chance to earn a round of beer on us (or desserts or appetizers as substitutes)

5.) 2nd Chance Sunday is back PLUS special very special VIP theme game coming soon!
2014 Best of the Best Tournament!

At each Championship game if your team finishes in the top cash spots then your team will be invited back to a super special invite only Champions Championship game in December of 2014. That will be for the truly big bucks!

Sooo many exciting things going down for Season 38! You are definitely going to want to be a part of this!

Weekly Calendar for Monday, July 21 thru Thurs July 24
Season 38 Week 2
Monday July 21Belisimo's - Finksburg7:30pmWest
Monday July 21CVP7pmCentral
Monday July 21Deerpark Tavern8:30pmDE
Monday July 21Greene Turtle Olney7pmSouth
Monday July 21Jad's Restaurant & Caddy Shack Lounge7pmCentral
Monday July 21Magerk's Fed Hill7:30pmDowntown
Monday July 21The Phoenix Emporium7:30pmWest
Monday July 21The World of Beer7:30pmDowntown
Tuesday July 22Applebees Waynesboro8pmWest
Tuesday July 22Bill Bateman's - Parkville8pmNorth
Tuesday July 22Fraziers8pmCentral
Tuesday July 22Greene Turtle Germantown7pmSouth
Tuesday July 22Greene Turtle Pasadena7:30pmDowntown
Tuesday July 22Greene Turtle - Whitemarsh7:30pmNorth
Tuesday July 22Looneys - Bel Air7:30pmNorth
Tuesday July 22Mick O'Sheas8:30Downtown
Wednesday July 23Bill Bateman's - Hanover8pmPA
Wednesday July 23Bill Bateman's - Towson7:30pmCentral
Wednesday July 23Holy Hound York PA8pmPA
Wednesday July 23Largents7:30pmSouth
Wednesday July 23Legends7pmWest
Wednesday July 23Main Street Tower - Bel Air7pmNorth
Wednesday July 23Oscar's Alehouse7:30pmWest
Wednesday July 23Otto Bar - Baltimore7pmCentral
Wednesday July 23Padonia Ale House
$100 CASH 1st Prize Weekly!
Wednesday July 23Tilted Kilt8pmNorth
Thursday July 24Altland House - Hanover, PA6:30pmPA
Thursday July 24Bill Bateman's - Reisterstown8pmWest
Thursday July 24Glory Days Grill Eldersburg8:30West
Thursday July 24Wit's End at
Magoobys Joke House
Thursday July 24McGlynn's - Dover9pmDE
Thursday July 24McGlynn's - People's Plaza9pmDE
Thursday July 24McGlynn's - Pike Creek9pmDE
Season 37 Championship Game Results!!
37?? In a row?? Dang straight people! Hard to believe we have had 37 seasons but there we are. Showtime Trivia started on January 1, 2007 and lo these 7 years later (holy crap - 7 years? really?) we are still going strong. 50 teams playing in a Championship Game speaks to how well we are doing. Another fantastic round of Championship trivia at Padonia Alehouse and at the Bill Batemansin Reisterstown. It was one of the most competitive championships we have had in a long while and going into the final question it truly was anyone's game to win. I personally had a blast at the game and I hope everyone else did as well. Now on to see who came in the top spots!

So the team that has come close so many times finally nailed the final question and came from way down on the depth chart to earn the top spot overall. Many congrats to NGiant Hogweed! They needed a lot of help at the end and by golly they sure got that help. They were only one of a very few teams to get the final answer correct and it was enough to catapault them into 1st place. $1000 bucks in cash is a pretty good payout for an afternoon's worth of work. Well done to the Hogweed and no doubt I will be hearing about this for quite some time to come...

The 2nd place team played at Padonia Alehouse and they were not too far off from being in 1st place. Well done to Suck It Trebek as they fought and clawed their way to the top of the points going into the final question and wisely kept those points to remain in 2nd place. Had Giant Hogweed failed to get the final question correct they would have won the whole shooting match and picked up $1000. However they finished in 2nd and only got $750 in cash. Cry me a river right? Great game played by them and so very happy with their finish. Who knows maybe next season they can take that top spot after all?

Our third place team Patron Saints of Quality Footwear also played out of Padonia Alehouse (I am seeing a pattern here) and they are no strangers to taking my money in Championship games. They followed the path of the 2nd place team and earned a bunch of points and stuck with them at the end. They nearly finished in 4th and not 3rd if the team TMI (that was in 3rd place going into final question) had taken a knee they would have been in 3rd and the Patrons would have finished 4th. Final question betting is such a difficult strategy to figure out sometimes. It's easy when you are low on the ladder and have to bet half your points. The teams 2-5 really have tough decisions to make there. Congrats though to the Patrons and well done earning $500 in the Championship!

Well then we get to the aforementioned teeam of TMI. They finished in 4th place out of 50 teams and did earn $250 for those efforts. Still not shabby at all! They were the first Batemans team to earn money and even though they had a decent 1st half they had a really strong 2nd half and that catapaulted them up to the top of the scoring charts. A very good group of folks and congrats to them for finishing in 4th place. Keep an eye on them next season as they will be back at the top to contend yet again!

Last but certainly not least is our 5th place team The Carroll County 5! The CC5 have won Championships before and were more than happy to find their way into 5th place for $100 in cash. They played a very strong game and chose wisely on the final question to keep the points and get their cash. I have no doubt that I will be typing about them getting money again in Championships to come. Team captain Debbie said "Brian is full of (bleep)." That wasn't very nice now, was it?

The good news is that all 5 teams are now invited to our Champion of Champions game in December!! Just finish in the top spots of any Championship Game in 2014 and you get to come to the big dance!!

Season 38 begins July 14! I have all kinds of cool plans and special events for Season 38 so you do NOT want to miss it! Best of luck to all teams in Season 38 and I am hoping to see you all back again for the Season 38 Championship!