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1.) Season 40 will be a FOURTEEN week tournament starting November 10.

2.) Season 40 will have TWO Championship games simultaneously!

3.) House Champions for each location earn the AUTOPASS to the Season 40 Championship Game!

4.) Top 2 scores for ALL LOCATIONS will earn AUTOPASS for Season 40 Game after 2nd Chance Week (Week 7.5) is complete

5.) Week between Weeks 7 and 8 will be a 2nd Chance Week where teams can replace one score from the location they play for Weeks 1-7

6.) Season 39 will feature BEER/APPETIZER ROUNDS at participating locations! Your team will have a chance to earn a round of beer on us (or desserts or appetizers as substitutes)

5.) 2nd Chance Saturday will be played in the 2nd half of Season 40!
2014 Best of the Best Tournament!

At each Championship game if your team finishes in the top cash spots then your team will be invited back to a super special invite only Champions Championship game in December of 2014. That will be for the truly big bucks!

Sooo many exciting things going down for Season 39! You are definitely going to want to be a part of this!

Weekly Calendar for Monday February 16 thru Thursday, February 19 Season 40 Week 11
Monday Feb 23Belisimo's - Finksburg7:30pmWest
Monday Feb 23CVP7pmCentral
Monday Feb 23Deerpark Tavern8:30pmDE
Monday Feb 23Greene Turtle Olney7pmSouth
Monday Feb 23Magerk's Fed Hill7:30pmDowntown
Monday Feb 23The Phoenix Emporium7:30pmWest
Monday Feb 23The World of Beer7pmDowntown
Tuesday Feb 24Applebees Waynesboro8pmWest
Tuesday Feb 24Bill Bateman's - Parkville8pmNorth
Tuesday Feb 24Brenn's Pub8:30pmPA
Tuesday Feb 24Fraziers8pmCentral
Tuesday Feb 24Fred & Maggie's7pmSouth
Tuesday Feb 24Greene Turtle Germantown7pmSouth
Tuesday Feb 24Greene Turtle Pasadena7:30pmDowntown
Tuesday Feb 24Greene Turtle - Whitemarsh7:30pmNorth
Tuesday Feb 24Looneys - Bel Air7:30pmNorth
Tuesday Feb 24MacDowell Brew Kitchen8pmSouth
Tuesday Feb 24Pappas Sports Bar & Grill11pmNorth
Wednesday Feb 25Applebees Germantown8pmSouth
Wednesday Feb 25Bill Bateman's - Towson7:30pmCentral
Wednesday Feb 25Carolina Alehouse7pm(CST)TEXAS
Wednesday Feb 25Dempsey's7pmCentral
Wednesday Feb 25Holy Hound York PA8pmPA
Wednesday Feb 25Largents7:30pmSouth
Wednesday Feb 25Legends7pmWest
Wednesday Feb 25Main Street Tower - Bel Air7pmNorth
Wednesday Feb 25Oscar's Alehouse7:30pmWest
Wednesday Feb 25Otto Bar - Baltimore7pmCentral
Wednesday Feb 25Padonia Ale House7pmNorthEast
Wednesday Feb 25Rolling Road Golf Club7pmWest
Wednesday Feb 25The Grille7:30pmSouth
Thursday Feb 26Applebees Cumberland8pmWest
Thursday Feb 26Altland House - Hanover, PA6:30pmPA
Thursday Feb 26Bill Bateman's - Reisterstown8pmWest
Thursday Feb 26FenderZ7pmPA
Thursday Feb 26Glory Days Grill Eldersburg8:30West
Thursday Feb 26Wit's End at
Magoobys Joke House
Thursday Feb 26McGlynn's - Dover9pmDE
Thursday Feb 26McGlynn's - People's Plaza9pmDE
Thursday Feb 26McGlynn's - Pike Creek9pmDE
  Holiday Week Theme Games with AUTOPASS Winners!

  Mon Dec 22: 6 Heads in Heather's Bathtub (204)
  Tues Dec 23: Post Snoodle (154.5)

  Mon Dec 29: Right Meow (136)
  Tues Dec 30: Dog's Tuxedo (153)

  Top 2 Teams Week 1-7 AUTOPASS Winners!

  1) Monkey Fist (GT White Marsh): 815

  2.) Butthurtz (Fraziers): 840

  Disney Theme Game AUTOPASS Winners!

  1) Buck You (Belisimos)

  2.) Buzz's Girlfriend (CVP Towson)