Live Team Trivia in MD, PA and DE

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1.) Season 41 will be a TEN week tournament starting March 30.

2.) Season 41 Championship will be at two locations simultaneously!

3.) House Champions for each location earn the AUTOPASS to the Season 41 Championship Game!

4.) Season 41 will feature BEER/APPETIZER ROUNDS at participating locations! Your team will have a chance to earn a round of beer on us (or desserts or appetizers as substitutes)

5.) 2nd Chance Saturday will be played in the 2nd half of Season 41!

Weekly Calendar for Monday, March 30 through Thursday, April 2 Season 41 Week 1
Monday March 30Belisimo's - Finksburg7:30pmWest
Monday March 30CVP7pmCentral
Monday March 30Deerpark Tavern8:30pmDE
Monday March 30Greene Turtle Olney7pmSouth
Monday March 30Magerk's Fed Hill7:30pmDowntown
Monday March 30The Phoenix Emporium7:30pmWest
Monday March 30The World of Beer7pmDowntown
Tuesday March 31Applebees Waynesboro8pmWest
Tuesday March 31Bill Bateman's - Parkville8pmNorth
Tuesday March 31Brenn's Pub8:30pmPA
Tuesday March 31Fraziers8pmCentral
Tuesday March 31Fred & Maggie's7pmSouth
Tuesday March 31Greene Turtle Germantown7pmSouth
Tuesday March 31Greene Turtle Pasadena7:30Downtown
Tuesday March 31Greene Turtle - Whitemarsh7:30pmNorth
Tuesday March 31Looneys - Bel Air7:30pmNorth
Tuesday March 31MacDowell Brew Kitchen8pmSouth
Tuesday March 31Pappas Sports Bar & Grill11pmNorth
Wednesday April 1Applebees Germantown8pmSouth
Wednesday April 1Bill Bateman's - Towson7:30pmCentral
Wednesday April 1Carolina Alehouse7pm(CST)TEXAS
Wednesday April 1Dempsey's7pmCentral
Wednesday April 1Holy Hound York PA8pmPA
Wednesday April 1Largents7:30pmSouth
Wednesday April 1Legends7pmWest
Wednesday April 1Main Street Tower - Bel Air7pmNorth
Wednesday April 1Oscar's Alehouse7:30pmWest
Wednesday April 1Otto Bar - Baltimore7pmCentral
Wednesday April 1Padonia Ale House7pmNorthEast
Wednesday April 1Rolling Road Golf Club7pmWest
Wednesday April 1The Grille7:30pmSouth
Thursday April 2Applebees Cumberland8pmWest
Thursday April 2Altland House - Hanover, PA6:30pmPA
Thursday April 2Bill Bateman's - Reisterstown8pmWest
Thursday April 2FenderZ7pmPA
Thursday April 2Glory Days Grill Eldersburg8:30West
Thursday April 2Wit's End at
Magoobys Joke House
Thursday April 2McGlynn's - Dover9pmDE
Thursday April 2McGlynn's - People's Plaza9pmDE
Thursday April 2McGlynn's - Pike Creek9pmDE
Season 40 Championship Game Results!!
Season 40 is now in the books and we finished it off with the BIGGEST CHAMPIONSHIP in Showtime Trivia history! 64 teams and over 500 people fought for $4,000 in CASH and Padonia Alehouse and the Bill Bateman's in Reisterstown. An absolutely amazing turnout and my goodness what a very fun game we had! People learned more about Nicki Minaj and 5 Star Generals then they over thought they would. We gave away $2000 to 1st place, $750 to 2nd and $250 for third and if that wasn't enough teams ranked 4th to 13th got $100 bucks for their efforts. That's pretty sweet right there. So who won it all? Keep reading to find out!!

There are some teams that have been playing Showtime Trivia since we first began (very few of these teams) and the team that won Season 40 is one of those teams. Many, many congrats to Dangerzone (LANA!) as they defeated 63 other teams to claim the $2,000 in cash and the Season 40 crown. They are also one of the few teams to be leading going into the final question and holding on to win it all. They bet 1/2 their points nailed that final question and there was no doubt then they were the champs. That's really good stuff as for the longest time they just sucked butt in the Championship after always dominating the regular season at Batemans. We will just call them the Baltimore Colts of trivia. I am pretty sure their last win was all the way back in Season 7 so how about that for a dry spell right? Well done Dangerzone, well done.

The 2nd place team played about as good a game as you could hope for but they came up just a bit short. They needed Dangerzone to tank on that final question but it just didn't happen. They did collect $750 though so I would not feel too bad for them. All the way from Northen VA many cheers to High School Prom! They might even be from like mid VA as I know they drove a long way to get to the Championship game. It's not like they drove from Olney or anything. They played a very solid game but missed a few key questions in the 2nd half that allowed Dangerzone to catch them and eventually take the lead they never gave up. For their very first Championship though that's still very cool and now let's see if they can get the top spot next year. Three cheers for High School Prom!!

Our third place team That Was My Next Guess is truly no stranger to finishing in the top spots. They have had many names in the past but the important thing is that they just keep taking my money. They too had a very solid game but much like High School Prom a few key missed answers cost them a chance for the top two spots. They were one of the few teams to get that final question correct and that saved them and allowed them to get at least third place. They are true Showtime Trivia Championship veterans and always a danger to sneak up and grab that top spot. It would not surprise me to see them in the top 3 again next season!

tFor the 1st time ever we also gave out cash for teams in the places of 4th-13th. I won't recap all of them but I can say congrats to those teams and I hope that $100 will be spent in the most unwise of ways. Chances are most teams just applied that to their bills for the day and for most teams that should have covered it. Most teams...usually.

Season 41 beings on Monday, March 30th and is going to rock! How do you top a great season like Season 40?? It won't be easy but I can say that we will be doing a lot of FUN things this season to keep things going!!