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1.) Season 39 will be a SEVEN week tournament starting September 15.

2.) Season 39 will have TWO Championship games simultaneously!

3.) House Champions for each location earn the AUTOPASS to the Season 38 Championship Game!

4.) Season 39 will feature BEER/APPETIZER ROUNDS at participating locations! Your team will have a chance to earn a round of beer on us (or desserts or appetizers as substitutes)

5.) 2nd Chance Sunday is back PLUS annual ALL MUSIC theme game coming soon!
2014 Best of the Best Tournament!

At each Championship game if your team finishes in the top cash spots then your team will be invited back to a super special invite only Champions Championship game in December of 2014. That will be for the truly big bucks!

Sooo many exciting things going down for Season 39! You are definitely going to want to be a part of this!

Weekly Calendar for Monday, September 15
thru Thursday September 18
Season 39 Week One
Monday Sept 15Belisimo's - Finksburg7:30pmWest
Monday Sept 15CVP7pmCentral
Monday Sept 15Deerpark Tavern8:30pmDE
Monday Sept 15Greene Turtle Olney7pmSouth
Monday Sept 15Jad's Restaurant & Caddy Shack Lounge7pmCentral
Monday Sept 15Magerk's Fed Hill*NO SHOWDowntown
Monday Sept 15The Phoenix Emporium7:30pmWest
Monday Sept 15The World of Beer7pm *NEW TIME*Downtown
Tuesday Sept 16Applebees Waynesboro8pmWest
Tuesday Sept 16Bill Bateman's - Parkville8pmNorth
Tuesday Sept 16Fraziers8pmCentral
Tuesday Sept 16Greene Turtle Germantown7pmSouth
Tuesday Sept 16Greene Turtle Pasadena7:30pmDowntown
Tuesday Sept 16Greene Turtle - Whitemarsh7:30pmNorth
Tuesday Sept 16Looneys - Bel Air7:30pmNorth
Wednesday Sept 17Applebees Germantown8pmSouth
Wednesday Sept 17Bill Bateman's - Hanover8pmPA
Wednesday Sept 17Bill Bateman's - Towson7:30pmCentral
Wednesday Sept 17Carolina Alehouse *NEW*7pm(CST)TEXAS
Wednesday Sept 17Holy Hound York PA8pmPA
Wednesday Sept 17Largents7:30pmSouth
Wednesday Sept 17Legends7pmWest
Wednesday Sept 17Main Street Tower - Bel Air7pmNorth
Wednesday Sept 17Oscar's Alehouse7:30pmWest
Wednesday Sept 17Otto Bar - Baltimore7pmCentral
Wednesday Sept 17Padonia Ale House8pmNorthEast
Wednesday Sept 17Red Brick StationHiatusNorthEast
Wednesday Sept 17The Grille *NEW*7:30pmSouth
Thursday Sept 18Altland House - Hanover, PA6:30pmPA
Thursday Sept 18Bill Bateman's - Reisterstown8pmWest
Thursday Sept 18Glory Days Grill Eldersburg8:30West
Thursday Sept 18Wit's End at
Magoobys Joke House
Thursday Sept 18McGlynn's - Dover9pmDE
Thursday Sept 18McGlynn's - People's Plaza9pmDE
Thursday Sept 18McGlynn's - Pike Creek9pmDE
Season 38 Championship Game Results!!
Wow! What a finish! Season 38 is now officially in the books and my goodness what an AMAZING Championship Game! Teams playing at Padonia Alehouse and the Reisterstown Batemans were running neck and neck the whole game but for this Championship we had almost total dominance by one location. Plus the return to the top spot for a team that had won several Championships in the past but had been on a cold streak for some time. Again you all are living proof of how much fun we have and why Showtime Trivia is the #1 trivia show in MD, DE, PA and yes now TX. Go figure on that one right? Let's see who finished in the Top 5!

When I think of the team that won the $1000 1st place today the theme song to "Welcome Back Kotter" plays in my head. Yes I am that old to remember that. Big congrats and a big WELCOME BACK to The Unholy Alliance! The Unholies had a very solid game from top to bottom but needed some help to claim that top spot. They needed to get the final question correct (which they did) and they needed team ahead of them to either bet zero or bet and get the final question wrong (which they did). Of the 38 seasons we have done for Showtime Trivia I am fairly certain that was win #7 for the Unholy Alliance, the most Championships of any team. Congrats to the UHA one more time. Well done gentlemen and Pete!

Our 2nd place team is no stranger to winning or taking my money. They have a few Championships under their belt and now The Carroll County 5 now has $750 under their belt as well. Congrats to the team that refused to give up during the game and even though they totally should have gotten the Dave Matthews/Grover question they hung in there and were one of the few teams to get that final question correct. Truly a bunch of good folk and they represent the Batemans of Hanover in good fashion by their 2nd place win. Well done!

Our third place team Perfectly Cromulent looked like they were going to run away with this Championship very early on. They blew through most of the fist half with ease and rocked the intermission question. They had a few missteps in the 2nd half that cost them precious points and as such when they got to the final question even though they got it right they were still playing catchup to the other 3 teams above them in the standings. Still don't feel too bad for them as they walked out for $500 to split between two guys. That's right they were a 2 man team and that's pretty damn impressive. Congrats to the Cromulents (who also have won Championships in the past).

Our 4th place team had to work extra hard just to get to 4th place. Thanks to a rare Championship game tiebreaker Monkeyfist claimed the 4th spot and got their $250 in cash. They were closer to the total in millions of Arnold Schwarzenegger's highest grossing film (T2) then the team that finished in 5th place. Monkeyfist also a team that has tasted the top spot in a Championship before and are no strangers to collecting cash. The good news is that with that $250 they can go out and buy their teammate Jason a bionic collarbone now.

Finally our 5th place team (by virtue of tiebreaker) was the only team to finish in the Top 5 from Padonia Alehouse. Batemans dominance today folks. Well done to The Patron Saints of Quality Footwear! They were a bit too high with their Arnold guess and as a result get $100 in cash instead of $250. Amazingly enough they are previous championship winners as well so that means every team that finished in the Top 5 all have won a Championship before. Isn't that just crazy? Now if Bill will just let me go 6-0 this week in his pool that doens't exist then we can call this even...

The good news is that all 5 teams are now invited to our Champion of Champions game in December!! Just finish in the top spots of any Championship Game in 2014 and you get to come to the big dance!!

Season 39 begins September 15! Coming for Season 39 is the ALL MUSIC Theme game in October! That's our annual event and is the biggest theme game of the year! You do NOT want to miss that!!
Showtime Trivia Season 38 Championship Winners!
The Unholy Alliance - 1st Prize: $1000 CASH!
Carroll County Five - 2nd Prize:
$750 CASH!
Perfectly Cromulent -
3rd Prize:
$500 CASH!
Monkeyfist - 4th Prize:
$250 CASH!
Patron Saints of Quality Footwear 5th Prize:
$100 CASH!